1. MALLANETS, S.L. is an organization dedicated to the manufacture, sale and distribution of technical fabrics in general.


2. To continue improving, the Management of MALLANETS, S.L. has taken the decision to establish a Quality Management System in the organization.


3. The Management of MALLANETS, S.L. believes that the development of the concept of Quality in all its processes is necessary to achieve customer satisfaction and the social environment in which it operates. This will lead to the establishment of quality objectives for continuous improvement that must be achieved with the contribution of the staff of the organization and its suppliers, thus achieving the competitiveness of the same in its scope of action.


4. All this with compliance with legislation and regulations that is applicable to all projects that are managed in the organization.


5. Thus, the organization establishes as priorities:

• Ensure customer satisfaction by meeting their needs and expectations.
• Ensure the satisfaction of our own staff, understanding that the concept of Quality is not only external, but internal to the organization.
• Provide training and continuous information to staff and suppliers, to achieve and maintain Quality as a personal achievement of each member of the organization in their work and that of all as a team.
• Ensure a continuous and effective improvement in Process Management that is carried out in MALLANETS, S.L. through the detection, review and correction of any deviation that occurs through the development of corrective and preventive actions that correspond.
• Ensure the management of the risks and the patient’s safety

Signed Pedro Zamora Redondo

last revision: 23.01.2024